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Meet Caren

I am a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, Parent educator and Potty training specialist . I guide and educate parents and offer hands -on care to newborns and children up to 3 years old.

“Even moms like me who are trained in baby care experience struggles with establishing good sleep in their babies. It’s hard to do it alone. Let’s do it together!”

Ever since I was a little , I have always had passion for working with kids and taking care of others. For over 20 years , I have professionally worked with children of all ages as a Newborn Care Specialist , Parent Educator, and Pediatric Sleep Consultant . I have cared for over 100 families and found that many children struggle with sleep which affect not only their lives but the parent’s lives as well.
I also understand firsthand how sleep can impact a family ! When my first child was born ,I quickly realized how different my perception of a sleeping baby would be from reality.
Suddently I was overwhelmed and exhausted trying to establish a consistent sleeping schedule and eating habits. As a Caregiver , I always thought it was hard and felt sympathy for the families I worked for but it wasn’t until my daughter refused to take daily naps , cried for hours , and woke up a few times at night that I decided to ask for help myself. I hired a Sleep Consultant. My daughter slept better from the first week and eventually slept through the night .

The support from the Sleep Consultant made all the different in the world and helped me enjoy being a parent, even at bedtime!
My personal experience and the families I have served inspire me everyday to be the support parents need to get their lives back by getting their kids to sleep through the night.

I have done the research sorting through all the conflicting and confusing information on the internet so parents don’t have to . They trust me to guide them in the strategies that fit them personally and get lasting results. I believe in gentle methods that emphasize zero crying by meeting the baby and parent’s individual needs, creating a routine according to the baby’s age, needs, and family life.
I hope my story gives a sense of relief that you are not alone! Even moms like me who are trained in babies experience struggle with establishing good sleep in their babies.
Im here when you are ready to make the gentle changes you need to create life-changing, healthy sleep habits for your baby and your family. It’s hard to do it alone.
Let’s do it together!

Here's How I Can Help

Six hour in home sleep consultation
1-3 weeks support

In home sleep consultation
1-3 weeks support

One hour video sleep consultation
1-3 weeks support

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