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Pediatric Sleep Consulting


Family and child sleep training and coaching services

Are you struggling with night awakenings, cat naps, bedtime battles, schedule changes, transition from crib to bed, or poor sleep associations with your child? Is your marriage in jeopardy because of arguing over family sleep? Do you feel lost and can't seem to find a way to help your child?
Caren from Carencares can help! Without action, things will continue like this and those feelings of stress and unhappiness will make it difficult to function throughout the day.
Caren has the perfect plan for you and your family!! you can reclaim your family’s sleep again and receive care and guidance from an experienced parenting support specialist and sleep coach.

Investment: $600

Newborn to 5 years old

How does it work?
First, we chat about your sleep concerns on a free 40 minutes phone consultation.
Next, I provide you with a sleep log so you can write down your child’s current sleep habits.
Then we meet again virtually and I share my analysis of your child’s sleep patterns. We also discuss your goals. I also ask for a visual tour of your environment so I can better understand your family’s sleep situation.
Then I create a personalized sleep plan based on your family’s needs that includes a step-by- step guide to implementing the actions you need to create the sleep results you so desperately need to enjoy bedtime and get some sleep!

What’s included?
• 3 weeks of personalized coaching
• Unlimited text and email support
• Age-appropriate recommendations and advice regarding your child’s sleep
• Strategies for feeding, night feeds, wake windows, naps, milestones, teething, sickness,
sleep associations, secure attachments, etc.
• Two 45 minutes calls to use within your support period
$600 ( Price may vary if you need in person support and coaching)
If you are ready to enjoy bedtime again .. Click on the button below to schedule a free consultation.

Preparing for Baby services (Bringing baby home)

Are you in the last trimester of your pregnancy ? Are you bringing a baby home? Do you need to babyproof your home? Clueless about what products to buy to prepare for your baby arrival? Babyshower wish list ?
Whether your baby comes home from the hospital right away , arrives later ( if staying in ICU), or comes home through an adoption agency the homecoming of your little one is a major event and you need to be prepared!

Feeling overwhelmed?
Carencares can help!
I offer a service to help you prepare yourself, your family, and your pets for the arrival of your precious baby.

What do you get :
• In-home visit or Zoom call to meet your family and environment
• A list of the best-rated baby products on the market so you don’t waste your money on unsafe or unuseful things
• Help set up the baby’s room following important safety guidelines
• Sleep training guide and tips to help your infant get restful naps
• Feeding tips
• CPR/FIRST AID/BLS training
• Birth plan template
• Hospital bag packing list
• Baby daily logs print outs
*This service can be given as a baby shower gift or mom/dad present*
PRICE: $350
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Investment: $350

Ask Me Anything Phone Call

A 45 minutes phone call with Caren to ask her anything and receive advice to help your child get the sleep he/she needs.

This call is a good fit for families that are simply looking to troubleshoot. If your child(ren) doesn't know how to fall asleep and/or back to sleep independently, it's strongly advised that you select any of the above packages for better results.

Investment: $125


1 hour online consultation

Caren is available for group workshops and Q&A sessions, ideal for community organizations, "Moms' night out" groups, and similar gatherings. Please inquire directly for availability and rates.

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Do you know someone struggling with their child's sleep? All of Caren's sleep consultation packages can be purchased as GIFTS for friends or family members.

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potty training service

Struggling with potty training? Unsure where or how to start?

"Caren was excellent and very supportive ! She came highly recommended by a few mom’s friends!”

My husband and I started working with Caren to help with our failed sleep training attempts with our first child .I was totally against any sleep training method specially the ones that involve crying out loud. After a 5 months of sleepless nights I decided to look for help and hired Caren to help us using her Zero cry methods . She was so patient , she kept my expectations realistic and held my hand every step of the way. My son was seriously sleep deprived and so were we!. The program Caren put us and our 5 months old was phenomenal -constant comunication and support -my son was fully sleep trained in less than 2 weeks !
Caren definitely knows what works and guide you through the entire process . I highly recommend Caren ! Thanks to her I have energy again, Im happy and I m enjoying being a mom!! Thank you so much Caren the investment was totally worth it!
-Rebecca mom of a 7 months old.

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