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Struggling with potty training? Unsure where or how to start?

Potty training can seem very intimidating but it doesn't have to be! With a few tips and tricks you can avoid the common obstacles that make the process harder than it needs to be. Together we can create a plan to get you started or troubleshoot any issues you are already experiencing.

* Should you potty train both night and day together?
* Is your child ready for potty-training?
* Is it okay to go back and forth with diapers or pull-ups while training?
* Why will she pee but not poop on the potty?!
* Why is he still having SO many accidents?!
* How will this work at daycare?
* Should you use a potty seat or the big toilet?
* How long will potty-training take?!

Take the guesswork out of potty-training and get your child on the path to success with a package of support from my Oh Crap! Potty-Training experience.

Im looking forward to supporting your family .
Let's get started!

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Getting Started Potty Support Package

This option is available to you if:
You have NOT started potty training your child yet

60-Minute Potty Consultation via Phone or Video
Two, 20-Minute Follow-Up Calls*
Two Weeks of Email & text Support*
*Phone & email support must be used within 2 weeks of the consultation date.

Investment: $650

In-home Potty training help

This service is for families who like to have home access to an experienced professional. These families can rest assured that what they are doing will be helpful to the process, and encouraging to their family dynamics, both present, and future. It can be for day #1 of pottying, in the middle, or trying to finish up the process.

Investment: $120/hr

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